About Me

~ Reviewing The Big O, One Book At A time ~

I love romance. The emotions, the drama, the HEAs. I’m total sucker for it all.
…especially the sex.
A lot of women (and men!) won’t admit they love reading naughty romances. It’s Lady Porn. Trashy. Second-rate writing. Blah…blah…blah. People can say what they want—think what they want—but I love, Love, LOVE erotic romance. And I’m going to share some of my favorite novels with you.

How will I rate these naughty novels? Well, that depends. My opinion is (like every opinion) subjective, so I kinda…wing it. I’m not a crazy stickler for grammar, but if the grammar in a book is OMG WHAT DOES THAT SAY?!–yeah, no, it probably won’t be on my blog. I simply don’t review books not worth my time. My ratings will boil down to content, and whether or not that content is steamy enough to fog my bathroom mirror 😉

Hopefully my blog will inspire readers to embrace the joys of reading whatever the fuck they enjoy, haters be damned. *sassy finger snap*

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